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Resource Rating: the wind ......Tobago

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Name: the wind ......Tobago

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Stafford, Steffan & Brandon
23-1-2006 10 My first stay at Candles was in 2003. The comfortable accommodation was so much part of my enjoyable vacation, that Candles became the preferred guesthouse for every Tobago vacation thereafter. And why not? Candles is cosy, clean, well-equipped with modern amenities (great stove!), Mr. Lee Kit (the owner) is charming, helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and yet non-intrusive. Candles is so great that you hardly ever notice that it is not on the beachfront. On some lucky days you can catch live Tobago entertainment at the Golden Star next door. I always recommend Candles to my friends. Thank you Andrew, for providing a haven away from home. Niala .... and Stafford, Steffan & Brandon
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