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Captain Nemo's Communications
Rio Dulce. Internet access, fax, and international phone service. Includes location, details of services, and community bulletin board. Communications of every type are available in Fronteras on the Rio Dulce including a large Internet Cafe at Capt. Nemo's and the following: Landline telephones and FAX, Electronic mail via the Internet, Marine VHF Radio, Courier mail and package shipping and receiving.

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Antigua. Internet service provider, cyber cafe, and print shop. Includes details of services and prices, with links to community information. Situated in La Fuente, a beautiful colonial-style house, we share a sunny outdoor patio and fountain with several other shops, including an art gallery and a restaurant. Located at 4ta Calle Oriente #14 we are just a few blocks west of Central Park on the North side.

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Funky Monkey Net
Internet cafe in Antigua with digital media services including CD burning. Location map, services and prices.

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