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Cibercafe El
Avenida La Libertad, Unos Pasos Al Sur de Hondutel, Santa Bárbara, HONDURAS. El Sitio.Com, es un cibercafe en el que su principal herramienta para ser uno de los mejores de la ciudad es la ATENCION personalizada que se le brinda a cada uno de nuestros clientes, ademas de contar con la mejor conexion a internet 1.5 mb download y 256 kb upload. Contamos con 17 computadoras debidamente equipadas.Brindamos el servicio de Diseño Web, Diseño Publicitario, Impresion, CD Burning, Servicios Secretariales, Llamas Internacionales y mucho mas....

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Paradise Computers
Welcome to Paradise Computers, located on the Caribbean island of Roatan, part of the Bay Islands of Honduras. Roatan is one of the remaining places of outstanding natural beauty in the world, and will meet everyone’s definition of absolute paradise. Beaches lined with tropical palm trees, crystal clear turquoise waters and pristine coral reef. You can simply relax on the white sandy beaches, taking in the gorgeous sunshine or enjoy one of the many activities on the island including scuba diving, fishing, sailing and snorkeling. Roatan captures peoples hearts and many people who initially come here for a vacation make it to a real estate office browsing for property. Paradise Computers is here to help you with any of your computer needs whether you are simply visiting the island or have decided to move to the island. We offer an extensive range of services, for example helping you to purchase a new computer and accessories here in Honduras, or renting a computer or cell phone. We also offer a technical repair service for any problems you may have with your current computer. We can install your very own wireless DSL internet connection to your residence on the island. We can design and implement a network for any home or office requirements. There are four Paradise Computers internet cafes located around the island, where you can use our telephones and internet to communicate with friends and family. Get a wireless high speed internet connection at your home or office. Paradise Computers is the only Authorized Globalnet distributor on the Bay Islands.

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