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Internet Café INetPoint
Jungmannova 32, 1-110 00, Prague, Czech Republic. Connection 256 Kbps.

inetpoint | 26-11-2005 | 98 Views | Rate it!

Internet Café Inetpoint - U Steinerù
Minská 7, Prague 10, Vršovice, Czech Republic. Connection 256 Kbps.

USteinerU | 26-11-2005 | 95 Views | Rate it!

Internetcafe Prague Marriott Hotel
V Celnici Street 8, Prague 111 21, Czech Republic. High speed wireless Lan access in the hotel.

Prague Marriot | 26-11-2005 | 98 Views | Rate it!

In our Internet café you can choose one of 18 computers with static public IP address, which is NOT behind a firewall. Thus you can easily use all Internet services including those "less known" like telnet, ftp, gopher, etc. On all of the computers there is text processor, spread sheet, ICQ, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo messenger, and many other commonly used Internet utilities. Come to our café to write an e-mail or just to chat with your friend. Our staff is nice and skilled and is ready to help you with any question. You can print documents, listen to music or enjoy your favorite pages with a drink or other refreshment. Located in Prague's city centre. Includes a webmail service plus the price list, menu, details of equipment used. Dlažděná 4, Praha 1, Czech Republic, Su - Sa: 8:00 - 24:00, Hardware: 18 x PC IBM, LCD monitors.

Spika Internet Cafe | 20-3-2006 | 71 Views | Rate it!

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