An Internet Cafe or CyberCafe is a place where one can use a computer with Internet access for a fee, usually per hour or minute; sometimes one can have unmetered access with a pass for a day or month, etc. It may or may not serve as a regular cafe as well, with food and drinks being served. Identify the single best category in for your website, register yourself and add a link to the single most relevant category.


Bayýndýr 1, Ankara, Kizilay, Turkey. 30 Mbit METRO internet connections, 127" LCD TV and Playstaion3.

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Connect Internet Cafe in Mersin
Atatürk Mah. 57 Sok., Mersin, Mezitli, Turkey. Internet Cafe + Gambling room.

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Kusadasi Internet & Calling Center
We are just in the Kusadasi Cruise Port. Just a minute walk from your Ship.We provide professional communication service for our guests.We have also have electronics, DVD Movies.A pleasant place to check your email, keep in touch with family & friends.High speed access, modern up-to-date equipment in a warm, friendly atmosphere.

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Mika Internet Cafe - Marmaris
Mika Internetcafe is located in Turkey Marmaris, Marmaris is a turist resort with people form around the world so our primary guests are from other countries. We have twelve pentium III computers with 128 ram* and the computers are always online with full multimedia support. We started in may 2000 thats why or computers have the newest technology and the staff is fully experienced and speaks fluent turkish, english, swedish, norwegian and finnish so they can provide help if necessary. The keyboards are in English to make it easier for customers. Most of the people who come here is basicly to send e-mail or chatting which or computers 100 percent support or even videochatting with digital cameras. For people who going to use internet for 10 hours we have special membershipcards so it will cheaper to use. Since its a cafe also, we have also lots of drinks and cakes for you to eat or drink while you are using the computers.

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Saray internet Cafe
21 computers, fast internet connections, printer, scanner, webcam available. Address: sivas 28/d Kayseri/TURKEY

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The Kebab House
The best and newest cyber cafe in Kusadasi; the one and only at Ladies Beach. Open all year long and 24/7 in July and August. Drinks and food.

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