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123 Internet Cafe in Rheda-Wiedenbrück
Location: Wilhelmstrasse 2a, 33378 Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany. Internet access and PC software. Daily opened from 13:00 until 23:00.

Cafe Info | 7-9-2006 | 118 Views | Rate it!

W.-Rathenau Straße 51, Bitterfeld 06749, Germany , Sachsen Anhalt. Opened Mo-Fr 09.00-22.00, Sa 09.00-12.00 14.30-22.00. Sundays closed. Happy Hour Each day from 09.00 till 11.00, surfing for 1.50€ per hour.

Area51 | 27-1-2006 | 131 Views | Rate it!

Baris Internetcafe
Neue Bahnhofstrasse 29, Berlin, Germany. Highspeed Internet, Games, Print Services, Food, Drinks, Lan Partys.

Info | 26-11-2005 | 105 Views | Rate it!

Billiard Cafe Magic Pool
Frankfurter Weg 29, Paderborn, NRW, Germany. Tel.: +49-5251-879997. Snooker pool cafe with 3 Internet-Terminals.

Pool | 31-7-2005 | 172 Views | Rate it!

Cafe Netzwerk in Munich
The internet cafe for pupils. Open from Montay to Friday from 11:00 to 18:00. Paul-Heyse-Straße 22, 80336 München, Bavaria, Germany.

e-Mail | 29-9-2006 | 136 Views | Rate it!

Casablanca Call Shop
Zang Gasse, Mainz, Rhein am Pfalz, Germany. You will find here best offers in Mainz city.

Casa Call Shop | 26-11-2005 | 605 Views | Rate it!

Cybator Hamburg
Cybator Internetcafé, Kielerstr. 432, 22525 Hamburg, near at exit highway Stellingen.

Info Cybator | 1-2-2007 | 102 Views | Rate it!

CyberThek in Karlsruhe
Cyberthek Internet Cafe, (Im Albtalbahnhof), Postfach 15 34, 76004 Karlsruhe, Germany. Monday to Friday 08.00 to 22.00. Saturday 9:00 to 22:00. Sundays and holidays 12:00 to 22:00.

Info CyberThek Karlsruhe | 6-6-2006 | 133 Views | Rate it!

CybeRyder Frankfurt
Here at CybeRyder we do our very best to provide the kind of service you expect from an Internet café. Quality over quantity is our philosophy. From the outset, we have worked hard to improve the range and quality of our services. You will find details of our range of services on the following pages. If you feel there's something missing, please let us know. We are flexible and respond quickly to customer comments. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Information | 21-3-2006 | 130 Views | Rate it!

e-cafe eNjoy
Marienstr. 3, Heidenheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. "Internet mal anders erleben". Unsere Besonderheiten sind: - 14-Pc-Plätze mit TFT Bildschirmen - sehr schnelle Internetleitung, DSL 6000 - weltweit bis zu 80% günstiger telef. - W-Lan-Zugang für Notebooks, - Internetzugang ab 1,50€ /Stunde - Drucken/Faxen/Scannen/Kopieren - Gastronomiebereich mit Getränkeausschank - tolles Ambiente - kundenfreundliche und induviduelle Beratung rund ums Internet.

Info | 17-10-2005 | 141 Views | Rate it!

INFINITY - Internet Cafe in Berlin Mariendorf
Middle in the heart of Berlin-Mariendorf at the boundary to Tempelhof, our mordern lies established internet cafe. Here you favorably can telephone worldwide, can send chatting, e-mails, receive and surf in the internet. Our international team, consisting of is happy many nationalities to be able to stand them in the internet always friendlily and helpful to the side. Next to printing, copying and faxes, all communication ways stand them openly. We support you at the same time. Now also at night until 0:00 am clock opened. In Berlin-Mariendorf, we are to be found as follows: INFINITY Tele- Internetcafe, Mariendorfer Damm 51, 12109 Berlin, Germany.

Contact | 7-9-2006 | 118 Views | Rate it!

Internet Cafe CT
Location: Obenmarspforten 13, Cologne, Germany. 45 terminals, 100 Mbit.

icafe-ct | 15-2-2006 | 219 Views | 7.50 rating (4 votes) | Rate it!

Internet Cafe in Aachen
THE WEB. Kleinmarschierstrasse 74-76, 52062 Aachen, Germany. Established 1998. Print and fax services. Laptop internet access possible.

iCafe | 27-10-2006 | 92 Views | Rate it!

Internet Cafe in Dortmund-Hörde
Located at Wellinghofer Str. 30, Dortmund, Germany. Near hospital, opened daily from 8:00 until 1:00 morning time. Sundays from 10:00 until 1:00. Beverages, sandwiches, friendly atmosphere.

INet Cafe | 26-11-2005 | 85 Views | Rate it!

Internet Cafe in Winterhude - Hamburg - Germany
Find ous at: Hudtwalckerstrasse 20, 22299 Hamburg-Winterhude, Germany. Opening hours: Mo-Fr 10.00-23.00 Uhr or longer (until open end), Sa-Su 12.00-23.00 Uhr or longer (until open end). Office applications, web games, voice2ip and more. Snacks, drinks, coffee and teas.

Cafe Winterhude | 4-1-2007 | 104 Views | 10.00 rating (1 votes) | Rate it!

Internet Cafe on Norderney Island
Located at Poststrasse, Ecke Wedelstrasse 1, Norderney island, Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen), Germany. DSL 6000 highspeed internet access connection. Fax and scan service. Laptop access possible.

Info | 13-4-2006 | 170 Views | 10.00 rating (1 votes) | Rate it!

InternetCafe CyberThek - Karlsruhe
Ebertstrasse 9, 76135 Karlsruhe, Germany. Internet Cafe and Bistro.

Info | 25-3-2007 | 112 Views | Rate it!

Internetcafe Evolution
Dresdner Str. 82, Leipzig 04317, Deutschland. 12 Rechner mit schneller Netzanbindung stehen bereit. Dazu Webcam, Kopfhörer, Drucker, Scanner, DVD/CD-Brenner sowie WiFi WLAN-Hotspot und das in lockerer und angenehmer Atmosphäre. Auch bei uns: Computer Reparatur(alle Serviceleistungen rund um´s Computer). Handykarten aufladen! Wir haben für Sie Aufladekarten alle Anbieter und Kartengrößen.

Internet Cafe Evolution | 19-8-2006 | 80 Views | 10.00 rating (1 votes) | Rate it!

Internetcafe Netzkultur
Färberstrasse 11, Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany.

Info | 23-12-2005 | 174 Views | Rate it!

Intertel Cafe
Two floors of space ,smoking and non smoking areas,copy ,scan Telephone,Pc parts ,pc repair high speed internet ,proffesional staffs,and more see u soon.Brühl 64, Leipzig, Saxony, Germany.

Info | 16-11-2005 | 106 Views | Rate it!

MISC24 - Munich Internet Service Centre
Open 24 hours. Located at Tal 31, 80331 München (Munich), Germany. 60 workstations available. Laptop and USB services. Printing, scanning, fax service.

Manager | 29-9-2006 | 11393 Views | Rate it!

Net Connection MediaCafe - Wiesbaden
24 modem high speed internet stations with P4-computers and DSL. Downstream: 15099 kBit/s & DSL upstream: 1077 kBit/s. Webcams, lots of games, snacks and drinks & call centre. Location: Oranien Strasse 14, 65185 Wiesbaden, Hessen, Germany.

MediaCafe | 10-7-2007 | 57 Views | Rate it!

Ping Aurich
Hoheberger Weg 5, Aurich 26603, Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony), Germany.

Info | 23-12-2005 | 124 Views | Rate it!

Sidewalk Express Europe
Sidewalk Express is the leading chain of Internet Points in Northern Europe. We ensure that it is easy and cheap to use the Internet when you are away from home. Our Internet Points are centrally situated in airports, railway stations, shopping malls, cafés and convenience stores. More than 3 million people surf at Sidewalk Express every year. We are one of the most experienced operators in the sector, and we have developed a unique concept where the customer can use his/her ticket freely throughout the chain. Today we have Internet Points all over Scandinavia, and we have sales offices in both Germany and Great Britain.

Info and Sales | 27-7-2006 | 107 Views | Rate it!

Sidewalk Express in Berlin
Sidewalk Express in Berlin. Sidewalk Express opened the first Internet Point in Berlin Haupbahnhof on the 26th of May. 8 computers are located in the food court on ground level close to Burger King and Pizza Hut. The demand on Sidewalk Express Internet Point service has been very high. Location: Lerther railway station, Berlin, Germany. Sidewalk Express.

Linus Sidewalk | 7-9-2006 | 129 Views | Rate it!

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