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Cafe Cyberworld
Street: Queensway, Gibraltar. From the border catch a bus to Main Street. Ask for Ocean Heights Gallery which is a 2 minute walk from the beginning of Main Street. We are in the Arcade facing Queensway. From the Tourist Bus Terminal + Cruiseline Terminal : Ask your tourguide for directions towards Main Street. It is only a 5-10 min walk, ask directions as mentioned above, we are very easy to find and Gibraltar is only small. Platforms: Windows XP. Connection: ADSL 2024/512. Internet Services: 16 terminals all with up to date software. Laptop plugin points available. Other Services: Printing facilities, MultiLink, Gameplay. Costs: Less than 1/2hr 10p/min, 1/2 hr £2.50, 1 hr £4.50. Special deals on surfcards 5 hrs £17.95, 10 hrs £29.95 Opening Hours: 12noon till 12midnight , 7 days a week. Atmosphere: With a fully licensed bar area the atmosphere is quit lively at times, ahem. Generally friendly and helpful. Remarks: With 300 sunny days a year, 250 places you can have a beer, and this the coolest place to hang out, Gibraltar is a haven. Plus all our booze are doubles!

Frank | 19-2-2007 | 75 Views | Rate it!

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