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Alkmaar Internet Cafe
Dijk 31 1811mb, Alkmaar, Netherlands, Holland. Our internetcafe is located in the centre of alkmaar. Our services: high speed adsl& back-up cable with 12 pc's printing, copying, scanning, faxen coffee corner available.

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Chill and Chat in Den Haag
Chill & Chat, Palaceplein 248-251, 2587 WL Den Haag. Opening hours Lunchroom: Daily from 09.00 untill 19.00 hr, friday untill 22.00 hr. Internetcafe: Daily from 09.00 untill 22.00 hr. Trendy internetcafe and lunchroom in Scheveningen Centre, two minutes walk from the famous Boulevard.

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Internet Cafe in Groningen
Internet cafe offering lounge, pool tables and general computing help. Turfsingel 94, 9711 VX Groningen, The Netherlands.

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PUSCII Utrecht
PUSCII is a free internet workplace where people can make use of computers for free: Networking, chatting, writing documents, burning cds, e-mailing, printing, learning tech-stuff, etc. Information has to be free and accessible for everyone, unfortunately not everyone has the money to afford expensive equipment or a fast internet connection. Some of those internet providers that offer cheap access even touch your privacy by selling your internet habits to third parties. PUSCII is right in the heart of Utrecht, a city centrally located in the Netherlands. Stationsplein 7, 3511 ED Utrecht, The Netherlands. Opening times: Saturday 14.00 - 19.00.

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The InternetCafe in Amsterdam
Located at 100m from the Amsterdam Central Railway Station.

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