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Cafe Key associated with Key Housing at Golspie
We are situated in Golspie which is a small town in the north of Scotland. To the east, nothing but sea, to the west hills and moors and sheep and deer. At times it seems a very remote place. We hope that this web site will, with other facilities that we can offer, make it seem less remote for our tenants. Small cybercafe associated with Key Housing at Golspie on the north east coast.

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Gig@Bytes in Perth
GIG@BYTES Internet Access Point is set up in Perth, Scotland with the aim of providing a safe haven for wayward students and lost soles. Gig@bytes is open Monday to Saturday, from 10am to 6:30pm (or later if required- please phone) and Sunday from noon to 5pm. 5 St Paul's Square, Perth, PH1 5QW, Scotland.

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MG Internet Cafe in Pitlochry
At the end of the day we provide a comprehensive service where we can provide you with a Dell computer system and all peripherals, software, maintenance as well as internet access and services such as fax and copying, So should you be looking for anything in the computer line including Internet access then either drop in to our Internet Cafe or phone, fax of email me and I'll do my best to help. 26 Bonnethill Road, Pitlochry PH16 5BS, Scotland, UK.

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Vivante Cyber Diner in Troon
Vivante Cyber Diner has four top spec networked systems situated in a semi-concealed environment for your privacy whilst you surf the net or create your own documents. We also have scanning and printing facility's to allow you to put together almost any type of document you require. Whilst you are on-line why not order up a coffee or delicious dessert from our great choice. If you are looking for training on the use of Windows or Internet browsing this can be easily arranged with our friendly staff. Play networked games with your friends or family or go on-line and play games with someone any where in the world. Use our computers to restore your old photo's and print onto photo paper. Set up an E-Mail account of your own so that you can check for mail from any PC. VIVANTE CYBER DINER IS LOCATED IN THE WORLD FAMOUS TROON HOME OF THE ROYAL TROON GOLF CLUB THE VENUE FOR SOME OF THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS GOLF TOURNAMENTS IN THE WORLD.

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